When Sales Teams Compete, They WIN

 Coach your team like never before by using game design principles to take your business to the next level.

Track sales and build your team. Motivate and strengthen your crew, create accountability, and increase production. Coach your sales people into champions. Make day-to-day activities fun and manageable.

The perfect team-building solution


1) Coaching made easy

Engage your staff with games that promote team-building and encourage competition.

2) Live stats & reporting

Daily reports to give you your team’s pulse and complete stats to show long term trends.

3) Ultimate accountability

Raise the pressure by putting your team’s expectations and results out in the open.


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Track it all

If you can name it, you can track it – no limits. Track quantity or currency - if it's important to your business it should be on a Scoreboard.


A digital monitor for your team’s pulse

Take it with you anywhere! Scoreboards, stats, and reports - instantly accessible and optimized for wherever you happen to be.


Limitless competition

At your fingertips. We are the place where teams and players come to compete - with players from next-door, across the state, or across the country! 

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Beat the clock

Add the urgency and excitement of games with a countdown timer. When the time reaches zero, so should the goals!

Easy expectations

Players can instantly see how close they are to meeting the goals you set. 

Coach to the games

Let the activities you need drive the sales you want. Improve the processes that lead to success!